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Living with Luke 18

July 22, 2013


This week we have been enjoying, or struggling with, the current heat wave that has engulfed this green and soggy kingdom.  We have all at various stages of the night, slept on top of the bed, on top of the bed under a sheet, under a duvet, or under a duvet with at least one leg sticking out.  We as a nation are really not used to this type of weather, no matter how much we moan about the rain, as soon as the sun comes out and the novelty of looking like a cooked lobster has worn off, we are all praying for rain, probably so that we can have something to moan about again.

For Tiddles the Silverback however, it is business as usual, strolling/running/jumping/motorbiking around the house in his underpants.  Nothing else, just underpants.  A t-shirt if you’re lucky, but more often than not, underpants.  And that is only in recent years.  I saw a very funny, very apt picture the other day which went something along the lines of;

“Warning!  A naked Autistic child lives here and may appear at any moment!”

Autistic children detest clothes.  It’s something to do with the sensitivity of their skins.  And to be honest, with everything else that goes on in their little heads, who are we to tell them to cover up?  Autistic children have no fears or any self-consciousness about displaying their bodies, no matter how they look.  We could all learn a lot from these special children about living freely without fear of ridicule.  They don’t give a toss what anybody else thinks of them anyway.  They have no preconceived notions about the ‘perfect body’, or if that woman is a size zero.  What they MAY do however is ask somebody a rather blunt question.  Because the other thing that autistic children tend to do is remember what people look like, or at least certain aspects of the person and so if they change their hairstyle drastically or even put on a bit of weight then they will ask them…bluntly.  A friend of ours autistic child will ask people if they have ‘got fat’.  Other children will not recognise people they have seen daily if they have a completely different style of haircut, and this can sometimes lead to a meltdown of epic proportions in some cases.

But I digress. 

Tiddles has been enjoying the hot weather almost as much as he enjoys the cold weather…in his pants…and there is nothing that is going to change that outlook for him…

The other downside of this weather of course is all the ridiculous people who manage to catch ‘summer colds’…and then inflict it on the rest of the immediate population…

So this week I have been suffering from a terrible case of a Summer Cold, it’s been dreadful.  Life-threatening almost.

But I did have a terrible realisation the other night whilst attempting to get to sleep.  I had been trying unsuccessfully for two hours to sleep.  My brain refused to shut down and I had a dozen thoughts running through my head.  And then, at exactly 2.41am, it hit me. 

I had stumbled with Tiddles.  I had stumbled and he had slipped away from me again. I suddenly realised that we hadn’t had as many cuddles just recently and by many I mean ANY.  My cold had helped to push him away from me for fear of giving it to him and that had just exacerbated the distance between us. As suddenly as he had connected with me across the slowly widening gap between here and Narnia, he just as suddenly disconnected, but he had done it so subtly that I hadn’t noticed until it was too late and now I am back to square one again, attempting to pull our two lands closer together, even just for a little while.

To Tiddles of course, it doesn’t matter.  As long as he can run around in his pants, be fed his favourite meals and have the occasional train bought for him, a cuddle for the Old Man is the last thing on his list or indeed on his list at all.

But for the Old Man, a cuddle is everything.  And now it’s gone again, I want it back.

Do you hear me, Tiddles?


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  1. Donna permalink

    You’re a natural Steve! You should write a book about your life with Tiddles. You put everything back into perspective when I read your blogs. Long may Tiddles prosper in his underpants! And I will pray for your summer cold to be gone!!!!!

  2. Katy Tonna permalink

    Aah I’ve just discovered this and would seem I have sins back reading to catch up on! Your fantastic with Luke, I’m glad he’s doing well he is the biggest thing I miss from stewards.

    Love to you all x

  3. I’m playing catch up tonight too… Love hearing about your Tiddles, mine has learned to play the bagpipes this summer. That’s right.

    • Yes, I remember you saying! Fantastic!

      • Oh… well I guess it’s such a big thing that I can’t stop gushing 🙂

      • Gush away! When it comes to our children’s achievements why should we be any different from parents of ‘normal’ children? If anything we should be yelling it from the rooftops! I’m in awe of anybody that can play any sort of instrument.

      • My son is eighteen and it’s always been about the things he can’t do. When he (out-of-the-blue) started playing an instrument, bagpipes of all things… We were in shock and still are. So, you never know whats hiding in them…

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