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Living with Luke 20

August 11, 2013


Today’s adventure starts, at King Thistle’s castle…

Words that will strike fear and loathing in some parents and maybe delight in others, but at nearly 15 years old, one of Tiddles’ most favoritist TV programmes is ‘Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom’.  He has the DVD’s and records the repeat viewings on Sky+ – usually of the episodes he has already got on DVD.  Such is the mind of an autistic child.  He loves quoting lines from the Wise Old Elf, Nanny Plum, King Thistle, etc, etc.  The only problem is – and this is something else that seems to be unique with autistic children – we’ve never seen a full and complete episode…

Today’s adventure starts, at King Thistle’s castle…

We’ve tried to watch it all the way through, but Tiddles being Tiddles loves to rewind and re-watch the same thing over and over and over and over again.  The upshot of all of this is, we – and when I say ‘we’, I do of course mean ‘me’ – the upshot is that I want to know what happens in the end.

Today’s adventure starts, at King Thistle’s castle…

And it’s not just ‘Ben & Holly’ either.  Tiddles has a wide and varied range of shows and films that he enjoys from ‘Peppa Pig’ through to ‘The Clangers’ (for those of you old enough to remember them) to ‘The Adventures of Tintin’, the ‘Star Wars’ films, right the way through to the ubiquitous and indeed for some, dreaded ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’.  We (I) have never had the opportunity to watch any of these all the way through when Tiddles is around, and I’ve SEEN ‘Star Wars’ more times than I care to remember, so I KNOW what happens!  But even so, I get carried away and when he skips backward or forward in the film, the most common cry, even with ‘Ben & Holly’ or ‘Peppa Pig’ is usually,

“Oi! I was watching that!”

Today’s adventure starts, at King Thistle’s castle…

It’s getting to the point now that when Tiddles is in bed and sometimes is even asleep, and the house is quiet, I’ll come downstairs, switch on the TV, turn the volume down so as not to disturb TCMH who has gone to bed also, and think to myself…

“Now, what shall I watch tonight?  Football?  Wrestling?  Glastonbury highlights?  Oooh hang on…there’s some episodes of ‘Peppa Pig’ there.  I wonder if Daddy Pig ever did get to hire that car in Italy?”

Today’s adventure starts, at King Thistle’s castle…

One of the worst features ever to be thought up by Professor DVD Player, the inventor of the DVD player, is the A-B button.  This one button enables Tiddles to repeat the same scenes, lines, or even phrase, over and over and over, ad nauseam infinitum (that is yer actual Latin).  The funny thing is, he will set it, leave it running and then womble off to go and do something else!  We all can hear this scene being repeated over and over from wherever we are in the house and it’s doesn’t dawn on any of us to go and switch it off, so used to it we have become (and that isn’t Yodaspeak).  I think the record currently stands at about 2 hours of a ‘Thomas’ episode – it just washed over us.  But that is…

Today’s adventure starts, at King Thistle’s castle…

…Tiddles all over.  And probably most autistic children in general.  If anybody else did what they did, I would get fed up and tell them to stop messing about with it.  But I don’t.  Not with Tiddles anyway.  There is something that is very calming about the repetition of certain things for Tiddles, almost like a form of meditation.  Even if he isn’t watching it, which 9 times out of 10 he isn’t, it may be just the fact that he knows that it is on that is enough for him.

And who am I to deny him that little pleasure in his life?

Today’s adventure starts, at King Thistle’s castle…


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  1. Nina permalink

    We used to have this with Thomas and the magic railroad. Endless. Bloody. Thomas. Endless, quite literally, because, like Luke, Richard couldn’t or wouldn’t watch the whole thing. He doesn’t do that anymore.

    Now we just have the first few bars of Stairway to Heaven on a loop on his guitar whenever life is perplexing him! Joy!

    Another lovely blog, take care x

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