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Living with Luke 26

October 18, 2013


I alluded to this in the last blog about the possible pain that Tiddles may be experiencing, so I thought I would explain what this is all about. 

Regular readers of these blogs will remember the  ‘hilarious’ recount of the collection of the stool samples we needed for the various tests that had been requested.  This was acheived by placing a square cereal bowl down the toilet to catch the enormous log that Tiddles manages to produce everytime he goes.  These, along with the urine collected and the blood samples taken, were duly sent away for testing and the results came back last week.

Well it appears that my seemingly happy Silverback is in more distress than we thought.  High levels of Mercury and Arsenic have been found in his body and these have caused brain functions to become limited because they are blocking the neural pathways that can make a big difference to his life.  Along with this, his liver is under enormous stress and his stomach wall has been damaged which means that he isn’t digesting his food properly, so whilst we thought he was quite a placid little boy, the poor little thing has been in pain, and probably more than we were aware of.  This of course may explain why he suddenly lashes out at me unexpectedly.  It would also explain why he can get very upset from time to time.

Can it be fixed?  Apparently so, with the right supplements and funding for said supplements because of course, nothing is free.


This makes my relationship with Tiddles all the more important to me, because as I said before, if he is in pain at any time, and the only way to provide temporary relief for that pain is to smack me, then I am more than happy to take the hits.  If it helps him, he can whack me as hard as he likes.

However, there is more that I can do to help him.  Another downside of the tests was that it highlighted which foods he was ‘allergic’ to.  These foods were the ones that had caused the damage to his stomach and had put his liver under so much stress.  Sugar we knew about and had removed it from his diet a few months ago.  This had been a little bit disturbing to him, because one of his favourite things – Tomato Ketchup – contains sugar.  And all of the ones that didn’t contain sugar, had apple juice in them, which was another thing he wasn’t to have.  So I concocted a tomato ketchup for him that contained dates as the sweetening agent.  It was red, it was made of tomatoes, it was quite labour intensive for what we ended up with and it wasn’t Heinz.  But he liked it, amazingly so that was one hurdle cleared.

Sadly though, the other things we since discovered that he couldn’t have were broccoli and potatoes and haricot beans.  And what foods does Tiddles love more than most?  Baked Beans, Chips, roast potatoes, and broccoli.  Whilst we loved the fact he enjoyed a roast dinner and plenty of green veg, we were blissfully unaware that his ‘healthy eating’ of vegetables was actually doing him more harm than good.  So in an effort to make this transition as easy as I could, the other night I made him ‘chips’ with Sweet Potatoes which are a root vegetable and not a Tuber, like the potato, which interestingly is a member of the Deadly Nightshade family.  In effect the chips were roasted sweet potatoes.  He ate some, but he certainly didn’t finish them.  So it’s back to the kitchen to see if I can’t make them more inviting for him next time.  I’ll keep experimenting until I can get them right for him. And the same goes for his baked beans. Im now trying to come up with a recipe for a baked bean substitute for him so that he doesn’t have to miss ANOTHER of his favourite things, but also will not cause his body any more stress and possible pain.

That’s not to say that he can never go back to them, but I ask you – just how much more does he have to put up with?

There are many more children who are worse off, of course.  But he’s my little boy, my responsibility, and it’s me that should be taking this pain away from him.  He should be enjoying his life, not having to take several different supplements to remove the Mercury and Arsenic from his body and not being able to eat his favourite foods. But such is his and my life together. It would be so easy for us to just let him carry on eating what he wanted, but because he is so important, we can’t.

So it falls to me to come up with these meals for him to take away that pain that he is enduring. Because that’s what dads do.

And in the meantime, I’m off to the gym to toughen up.

Because that’s what this dad does…


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  1. Renee stalley permalink

    You my dear man are amazing xxx

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