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Living with Luke 28

October 27, 2013


We love ‘Star Trek’ in this house.  Never a day goes by without at least one episode being on the TV, which is quite apt as one of the catchphrases from the original series and films has been adapted and adopted as the unofficial motto of the Hannam’s. 

‘The needs of the One outweigh the needs of the Many, or the Few.’

Which leads to some clarification concerning my previous blog about Tiddles and his new eating plan.  When I said that he could no longer have potatoes, baked beans, brocolli or chips, what I should have said was that NONE of us can now have potatoes, baked beans, brocolli or chips.  We’ve all had to give them up.  How unfair would it be for us to be sitting there shovelling those foods in whilst Tiddles is left eating his sweet potato chips and peppers?  So we’ve all stopped eating them.  Boy, has that been tough…

It’s difficult to know whether I am feeling better for not eating so many carbohydrates or am I just too knackered to notice. 

Meanwhile, Tiddles supplement intake has gone up to 16 capsules and 6 liquid in the morning, and 10 capsules and 3 liquid in the evening, along with a couple of others throughout the day, which may cause him to become hyperactive whilst he gets used to them.  Early mornings possibly, late nights definitely.

Has there been any difference?  To be honest, I cannot see much myself.  However, the degrees of change could be so minute that I just can’t see them because I see him all the time.  However, there are the odd moments like when he sits with me, as he did this afternoon with his arm around me.  We sat for about 5 minutes not saying anything, and then he licked my face.  I turned to look at him and he was looking at me with a little smile on his face.  I smiled back and he seemed then to be looking a million miles into my eyes. 

If there is a soul, then Tiddles knows where it is.

He seems to have a way of looking into you and it’s in those moments that our connections are made.  I can see glimpses of his world and I can tether him, albeit briefly, to my world and attempt to drag Narnia closer to home and bridge that gap, that gulf that seems never to decrease, no matter how hard I pull.  But we keep on going, because I want to be there if and when he does come over here and that will never change no matter how long it takes.

It’s hard to know if it will ever happen, but you just have to keep the faith and take any tiny improvement as a step forward and just hope that one day he will, maybe, call me Dad.

In the mean time, can somebody beam me to a chip shop?


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