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Living with Luke 31

December 2, 2013
Christmas.  It’s the most wonderful time of yearrrrrrr…in this house. So much so that some of us start celebrating it in September. Mentioning no names of course but the persons name begins with a ‘T’ and ends in ‘iddles’.  We’ve had any number of Christmas films being played on his DVD player and on the iPad, and his three Hornby catalogues have been marked with highlighters as he went through them muttering, ‘Christmas list, Christmas list, Christmas list…’ to himself.
Armed with his iPad he proceeded to write out his ‘Christmas list’ and by about the beginning of October the list was already 260 items long, mostly made up of Hornby train sets, DVDs and VHS videos of shows that he already had!  Since then of course, Tiddles has added to it so that it now resembles the GDP of a small European country in terms of cost.  Naturally some judicious pruning was called for, so we’re really hoping he likes oranges and nuts…

That’s not to say that the rest of the family don’t love Christmas any less.  I’ve been wanting to start playing my Christmas music since the start of November, but have managed to resist the temptation until the 1st of December which this year falls on a Sunday which, traditionally for us anyway, we will go and get our tree.  Cue lots of decorations being brought down from the loft and Tiddles sitting around in his giant Christmas stocking waiting for Christmas Eve to arrive…

However, we did share a lovely moment last week.
It was Monday evening and TCMH was doing a singing lesson.  The Eldest Child was out and Tiddles was watching one of our favourite Christmas films, ‘Muppets Christmas Carol’.  The Ghost of Christmas Present was singing his song, ‘It feels like Christmas’ and Tiddles was singing along as only Tiddles can.  Now I love the song and so I decided to join in, not expecting anything more than the usual hand over my mouth and a ‘Stop Singing!’ command from the Silverback.  What happened instead, was that Tiddles carried on singing with me…
“It’s in the singing of the street corner choir,
It’s going home and getting warm by the fire,
It’s in the place that you find love,
And we carried on singing, together and in tune for the rest of the song.  And we danced.  As we sang, he stood on my feet, put his arms around me and we danced slowly around in a circle, singing all the while, so loudly in fact that TCMH wondered what on earth was going on.  We sang to the end of the song and I thanked him for singing with me.  He allowed me to kiss him and then off he went.  It was such a joy to have that moment with him, as it always is.  In fact for a few times last week he was very affectionate, sitting with/on me, tickling me for no reason and generally being the beautiful little boy I always knew that he was.
Of course, he still greeted me in the same manner…
“Hello Tiddles!”
“Goodbye Daddy…” would come the reply. 
“Good morning!” Upon walking into his room.
“Good night.” Would come the anticipated response.
So TCMH said to me one day last week.
“If he’s saying the opposite, you should say the opposite first and see if he says the opposite to that…” (Hope you followed that..?) 
Now why didn’t I think of that??  And so, I tried it.
“Goodbye Luke!”
And sure enough…
“Bye, Daddy…”
It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiiimmme, of the yeeeeaaaarrr! Ho, ho, ho!


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