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Living with Luke 52

October 29, 2014

Dancing with Tiddles.

TCMH is a lovely mum and wife. Sometimes though she does something that becomes a habit that is hard to break. I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about Tiddles.

Let me explain…

A few weeks ago, Tiddles came up to me and wanted me to chase him, something I never pass up. I ran after him and we ran around the house, ending up as we usually do with him jumping on the sofa. It was at this point that TCMH said,

“Say freeze, Luke!”

“FREEZE!” repeated Tiddles and I dutifully froze in my tracks, just as I reached monkey boy. Laughing, he pushed me away and, seeing as I was frozen, I fell over, still keeping the same position.

“And now you have to say “Unfreeze…” said TCMH.

‘UNFREEZE!’ Tiddles repeated. I relaxed and started to get up.

‘FREEZE!’ shouted Tiddles. I froze.

‘UNFREEZE!’ he said again. I did as ordered.

This went on for another 5 minutes. Tiddles loved the fact he had this magic power over me, so much so that he even went upstairs and brought down his magic wand to cast the freeze spell over me. And so it set the scence for the last month or so. Whenever I get close to him, he yells out ‘freeze’ and I stop in my tracks, allowing him to move away from me or push me over, or whatever he wants. And I – Like An Idiot – allow him to do it.


Because it’s magic to him. To him this world can be mysterious, confusing, frustrating and sometimes even frightening. But it can also be magical. Christmas, birthdays, even some holidays, are all magical to him. He adores Christmas, and the wonderful fantasy of Father Christmas will always be a source of wonder to him, because we have always kept that magic alive for him. He goes to sleep, eventually, on Christmas Eve, he wakes up early on Christmas morning and he has a stocking full of things that he has asked for! Magic!

Who are we to crush that beautiful dream for him or for any child who still believes? I and my family absolutely adore Christmas, so we are more than happy to indulge at this wonderful time of the year.

And so the same goes for this other magic spell. Who am I to refuse that for him? He believes he can freeze me and delights in doing so. It’s his power now. The reverse doesn’t work however. I tried freezing him the other day but he just carried on doing what he was doing, looking at me in his cat-like way, and giving me a two fingered salute with his eyes as if to say,

“I have no idea what you are talking about…”

This has been taken to extremes though.

The other day, when my parents – Dennis Waterman & Mrs Shufflewick – were here, Tiddles decided that he wanted chasing again. Again I obliged. Any excuse to have a cuddle with him if I can, was my thinking. We ran, I got close, he put his spell on me and I froze. He then put a blanket over my head. He’s done that before so nothing new there, but then he unfroze me and guided me into our little office at the front of the house.

Then he froze me again.

Then he shut the office door…

And went and watched TV.

And I – like an IDIOT, AGAIN – stayed in there, frozen for about 5 minutes. Dennis and Mrs Shufflewick, who could see me in the office through the door with a blanket over my head, were laughing their heads off. But did they do anything, like open the door? No…they also left me there, standing stock still with a blanket over my head, as they tried to convince Tiddles to free me…

The power of love, eh? It’s not just a force from above…


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