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Living with Luke 62

August 19, 2015

Non-communicative and non-verbal…What’s the difference?

“Video piracy,” according to Tiddles, “is a crime.  Do not accept it…Ensure that you purchase or rent a genuine copy, from your video retailer.”

Well, actually it isn’t according to Tiddles at all.  This is a plea from FACT, the Federation Against Copyright Theft, or if you’re in Ireland, INFACT.

How do we know this?  Well, we all know this – as well as the telephone number (0181 568 6646, 90’s fans!), because Tiddles did pretty much nothing else but repeat this warning all the way to our holiday destination in Norfolk a few weeks ago…2 hours and 20 minutes drive.

Yes, for 2 hours and 20 minutes, he talked, sang, quoted from FACT, Thomas the Tank Engine, Dig & Dug, Batman, FACT, FACT, FACT…you get the idea.

And yet, as soon as we pulled up and stopped the engine…nothing.  Not a word.  It was almost as if the verbals had been his way of filling the void of the journey   His way of occupying himself.  Whilst The Eldest Child and myself occupied ourselves by trying not to be travel sick, and TCMH drove, Tiddles waffled on and on and on and indeed on.

The holiday camp was however, lovely.  Quiet, and not an awful lot going on anywhere.  No clubhouse (Awesome!), no children’s playground, very few people around at all really.  Beach 250 yards from where we were.  An awful lot of nothing going on.

Lovely…indeed, the only time the peace was broken was when a young teenage boy decided that he was going to stand outside his chalet and shout – nay, bellow some lines from a TV show or some such thing.

Oh yeah…That was Tiddles…

Luckily, we had warned the ladies living next door about him.  And the office staff…

I posted on the Living with Luke page a few months back that Tiddles already had his bags packed for the holiday, which in actual fact was two bags full of DVD’s.  Clothes?  Pah!  I smack you in your ignorance…But due to a lack of space, we managed to get it down to one bag, which still contained about 30 DVD’s in it.  Tiddles was happy, we were happy that he was happy.  And of those 30 he probably watched…2.  One of which was half of one episode of the Simpsons – the one where Smithers goes on holiday, leaving Homer to assist Mr Burns, and then who ends up punching him in his 104 year old face – which is a classic, but only because we never get the chance to watch any others to compare it with.  And the other was ‘Son of Flubber’ a 50’s Disney film starring Fred MacMurray, which Tiddles absolutely loves.  We know this because he added that to his repertoire for the return journey.  If I see that film ever again, it’ll be too soon…

It’s strange really.  Well probably not to parents of Autistic children, who may well be reading this and nodding their heads in agreement.  But to everybody else, who have asked in the past,

“Ah he’s Autistic, is he?  Does he speak?”

“Well, he’s non-communicative…”

“What does that mean?”

“He talks.  He just doesn’t talk to us…”  And they nod their heads as Tiddles recites great swathes of dialogue from one programme or another, seamlessly segues from one Thomas song to another, and then into another song, changing the lyrics as he does so to fit what he’s singing about, and you can almost see them thinking to themselves,

“He’s LYING…”

So.  Non-verbal?  Yes in a sense, when he’s (not) talking to us.

Non-communicative? No.

After all, video piracy is a crime.  Do not accept it…


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  1. Alli Edwards permalink

    The FACT warning has been our lives for years! Almost hilarious how similar our boys who have never met are, if it weren’t so sad, A levels and uni places are a million miles away. Sending love. Alli x

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