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Living with Luke 76

May 19, 2017

These have been kicking around for over a year now. I wrote these in a fit of thinking they could become songs. But although they never happened, I still love the words. They’ll probably never become songs now, so they’re just…lyrics? Poetry? But they do still convey what this blog is all about.  So in a break from the norm, here are 2 of them…


If I went away from you,

Would you kiss me?

If I said goodbye to you,

Would you miss me?

If I failed you, would you forgive me?

Would you?

If I angered you,

Would you hit me?

If I left you alone,

Would you forget me?

If I needed you, would you accept me?

Would you?

Would you be my little boy?

Would you draw me in,

And let me be your dad?

Let your walls come down,

So I can bring my heart to you?

All I ask, it’s not that much, is

Would you?

If I came close to you,

Would you push me away?

If I ran after you,

Would you allow me to play?

When I speak to you gently,

Do you ever really hear me whisper,

That I love you?

If I wanted your attention,

Would you spare me the time?

If I gave my life for you,

Would you ever give yours for mine?

You’re my son, you’re my boy,

And we share the same name,

So, would you?


Let me visit you in your world,

Or maybe you could visit mine?

I want to see you in your world 

Or could I see you in mine?

Let me play with you in your time

Let me live through your eyes

Let me see what you can see

Let me have this little prize

Cos I would do anything 

To see the way you do

If I could just feel for a moment

Any love for me from you

And you will do anything 

To keep me out of your heart

To keep as far away as possible 

And keep us both apart

So can I visit you in your world 

Or can you visit me in mine?

I could see you there in your world

Or maybe see you here…

In mine?


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